Corporate Printing Branding Solutions

Despite the dominance of digital marketing, marketers still engage in print buying, especially with the many new, creative concepts offered by printers today. Never ignore the value of printed materials in your corporate branding efforts; every piece of printed material that consumers see should positively reflect your business’ brand identity. A good corporate printer can easily translate your digital branding into cohesive printed materials that will make a perpetual impact in the real world.

Building your brand identity is vital to growing your business. Coordinated digital and print materials convey a visual message to consumers that showcases your business’ unique personality and appeals to your target audience. Without a brand, you are no different from your competitors.

If you want to be known as the innovative, prestigious, affordable or cutting-edge company, you must ensure that every piece of printed material that people touch is a positive reflection of your brand. This is not the place to scrimp, do-it-yourself business cards and brochures scream unprofessional and they lack credibility. Never present your brand in a way that makes it appear that your business operates on a shoestring.

Business Cards

Business cards are essential in all industries and for all size businesses. A person who is without a business card appears unprofessional, even if the lead is merely putting the contact information in their smartphone. You never know when you might run into someone who shows interest in your company’s products or services. Simple business cards, with only the relevant information and contact information are best, as long as they reflect your brand. While artistic, whimsy brands can get away with eye-catching business cards in unusual shapes, simple is better in most cases.

Printed Correspondence

Corporate printing plays an important role in branding. Professionally printed letterhead, invoices, envelopes and checks, which include a company’s logo, reinforce the brand image. Everything that is mailed to your customers should reflect the image that you want to portray. A logo is only part of your company’s identity; the quality of the paper also needs to say something about your business. For example, a bank or investment company should use high quality paper that says, “We are successful and dependable, trust us with your money”.

Direct Mail Material

Every promotional mailing, from postcards to full-color catalogues is another opportunity to reinforce your brand. Despite the emphasis on digital marketing, direct mail is still popular with consumers. People like having a catalog to browse through or a coupon to put on their refrigerator, as opposed to exclusively shopping online. Powerful branding is a combination of online and offline efforts that use the same color scheme, fonts and imagery to reflect the brand’s personality. Always make sure your printed materials match your digital brand, so online or offline, your brand is the first one they remember when they are ready to buy.

Media Materials

Annual reports, newsletters and press releases always appear more credible when they are professionally printed on high-quality, branded paper. Differentiate your organization from competitors by allowing your brand to shine (professionally, of course) in otherwise typically non-engaging printed material.

POS Take-Away Materials

Point-of-sale materials, such as brochures, menus, coupons and product spec sheets are items that people pick up and take home with them to help decide about a future purchase. It’s crucial that your brand’s message is prominently displayed, since it will stay in your prospect’s hands until they make a buying decision. For example, an appliance store that offers free delivery will want that fact to remain in consumer’s minds as they comparison shop.

Banners & Signs

Retail businesses benefit from expertly printed signs and banners that compel consumers to browse, even if they were not actively shopping. Corporate printers also signs designed purely to offer information or to direct clients to the appropriate area of an establishment will help decrease questions, so employees can spend less time answering questions and more time selling.

Trade Show Displays

Corporate printers can produce table-top and large displays for exhibitions and trade shows, in addition to the flyers and business cards that you will need to hand out to leads. Invest in high-quality display materials if the content is evergreen, so that you can use reuse displays.

Focus on eye-catching colors and images (while retaining your brand’s identity), not text, since the object is to attract people to your booth, where you can talk to them or hand them a brochure. Consider have specialized brochures printed for trade shows, with more information than normal in them, so leads will have a reason to keep the brochure long after the event is over.

Branded Calendars

There’s no other way to keep your company’s name and brand image in front of customers for an entire year than by having calendars printed. Opt for full-size calendars that people will use to stay organized and keep track of appointments and important dates. Use full-color interesting images so your calendar is just as appealing as the ones that people normally buy for themselves.

Always consider your desired customer when selecting a calendar design; if your target audience consists of health-conscious individuals, have calendars printed with new exercises or smoothie recipes for each month, to encourage people to keep the calendar in plain sight.

Other Printable Items

Corporate printers can create printed tee shirts, mugs, key chains and other items that make excellent giveaways. If your objective to keep your brand image in front of consumers for as long as possible, give away items that people will use (or wear) frequently. You can also give printed clothing, umbrellas and drink cozies to employees, who will help promote your business by using the items during their off-hours.

In conclusion, corporate printing is an excellent investment for building your brand’s identity. You can craft all the witty social media posts that you want, or send clever emails to potential customers; however, these things do not stay in front of people’s eyes for very long. Invoices, calendars, and other branded materials keep your company name in front of people for a longer period, therefore, they provide an excellent return on your investment.